When Is The Best Time To Visit Columbia Icefield?

Getting the best experience among the rugged Columbia icefields from the ancient glacier should be an exciting experience for you. One of the most popular places in Canada is the Icefields Parkway. It is located between Jasper and Banff. You will enjoy the beauty of Athabasca Glacier when you are in this Columbia Icefield.

There are some interesting things that you can experience from this place. If you want to bring your family to the best and most incredible place in Canada, you can bring them to this place. The Columbia Icefield is home to some of the most accessible glaciers in the world.

Only a few parts of the Columbia Icefield are visible from the road. The rest of the Icefield is still hidden beyond the Canadian Rockies. The Icefield feeds 6 different glaciers in this parkway. Three glaciers are visible from the parkway. They are Dome, Stutfield, and Athabasca.

The Columbia Icefield can deliver the most abundant ice mass around the Rocky Mountains. It is extending 25 km across the Continental Divide. When you are in this place, you can enjoy the melting snow and water from the glaciers that will flow straight north to the Arctic Ocean, west to the Pacific Ocean, and also east to the Atlantic Ocean.

Get Access to This Incredible Columbia Icefield

Glacier Discover Centre – Columbia Icefield Picture: TravelAlberta.com

When you are planning to visit this Icefield Parkway, you can park your car at the Glacier Discovery Centre. It is located across the parkway that is close to the Athabasca Glacier and also the Columbia Icefield. In this discovery center, you can browse through some shops around this place. Don’t forget to visit two popular restaurants in this area, so you can enjoy delicious dishes from this place. At this discovery center, you are going to buy a ticket for entering the Columbia Icefield and also the Glacier Skywalk. The ticket will include the rate for riding a shuttle to the location.

You can board the Ice Explorer. It is a large 6-wheeled all-terrain vehicle. This vehicle will take you to the beautiful Athabasca Glacier in a 90-minute adventure. The operating season for this attraction is from mid-April to mid-October. If you want to take more time for exploring the Glacier, you can stay at the Glacier View Inn.

Once you arrive at the Columbia Icefields, you are going to discover the beauty of nature on the Columbia Icefield Adventure. It will offer a great experience for all visitors who are coming to the Canadian Rockies. It is one of the largest non-polar ice fields that you can find in the world today.

You will be able to travel around this incredible place, especially if you love the beauty of nature. Take a jaw-dropping walk on the glass-bottomed floor at the Skywalk. If you want to get access to all of these incredible features, you can take the Columbia Icefield Adventure. It will include admission to the Skywalk, Ice Explorer Tour to the Athabasca Glacier, and also transportation from the Discovery Center.

Tips and Tricks for You

Columbia Icefield Skywalk Centre – Picture:TravelAlberta.com

If you want to get the best experience here, you should come to the Columbia Icefield from around 11 am to 3 pm. It will increase your chance of spotting some wildlife animals. You can also have a great chance to enjoy the guided morning tour on the Skywalk. Don’t forget to book your tickets soon for ensuring that you will get a place for the tour.

You can also take the Columbia Icefield Sightseeing Tour. This tour will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Columbia Icefield Adventure, Skywalk, and any other iconic locations that are available around the Icefields Parkway.

Two dining options are available in this place. Chalet restaurant will serve fresh food and casual food for all tourists, while the Altitude will take the experience of dining to the new experience. It comes with exceptional glacier views.

Buy Souvenirs from the Gift Shop In Columbia Icefield

Columbia Icefield - Glacier Discovery Centre
Columbia Icefield – Glacier Discovery Centre

There is a gift shop that is located on the first floor of the Discovery Centre. In this place, you can buy some interesting items, such as postcards, clothes, and any other souvenirs from this place. These items are perfect for you who want to preserve your memory in this Columbia Icefield.