Jasper National Park Glacier Skywalk Travel Information

If you are planning to visit the Banff area in Canada, you may be wondering about the Jasper National Park Glacier Skywalk. This is one of the most popular attractions that you can find in Canada. There are some interesting things that you can find in this place. If you are ready to get an incredible experience in Banff, you may want to consider visiting this place now.

The Jasper National Park Glacier Skywalk is a glass-bottomed bridge that has transparent floors. All floors are made from transparent indestructible glass. You can see beautiful wildlife that is available at the bottom part of this skywalk. You will enjoy stunning views from the Sunwapta Valley that is located below this bridge.

This place offers a great combination of beautiful nature and an extreme adrenaline rush. You will enjoy your experience when coming to this place. This Icefield skywalk has a 1km walking distance. When you are walking on top of this bridge, you will enjoy the beauty of the edge of the cliff that is located in the Jasper National Park. The experience will be combined perfectly with its incredible experience, especially when you walk over the glass-bottomed bridge. This bridge is about 918 feet over the ravine that is located below this bridge.

How Jasper National Park Glacier Skywalk Works?

Jasper National Park Glacier Skywalk Bridge – Picture CNN

The Icefield Skywalk journey will start at the Glacier Discovery Center. In this place, you are going to get the entrance ticket. You will also enjoy visiting its Gift Shop that is located here. Once you are ready to visit the beautiful skywalk, you can take a short bus ride to the platform. You will enjoy the beauty of the Sunwapta Valley and also the Athabasca Glacier.

At the end of the bus ride, you will be dropped off at the bridge. Then, you are going to continue your journey with an audio guide. An audio guide is offered in several different languages. Don’t have to worry if your native language is not English. You can still enjoy the best experience from this skywalk.

You will have a short interpretive walk that offers complete information about the geography, valley, and also topography of the area. You will learn a lot about the geological and wildlife formations. It will offer an educational experience for you and your families. You can take advantage by listening to the audio guide that is available on your journey. At the end of this interpretive walk, you will find the main attraction of this journey, the glass-bottomed skywalk that is available in Jasper National Park Glacier Skywalk.

You are going to walk on the surface of the glass. If you are scared of heights, you may feel nervous about this new experience. However, you should never have to worry at all. This skywalk is supported by a very thick piece of glass. This glass can withstand any extreme conditions. You won’t find any cracking glass here because every glass-bottomed skywalk structure is maintained properly and securely.  

Is the Jasper National Park Glacier Skywalk Safe?

Jasper National Park Glacier Skywalk CenterPicture:TravelAlberta.com

The answer is yes. Glass bottomed skywalk is safe. It is usually made of ultra-thick bulletproof glass with 12 mm thickness. You are perfectly safe when you are trying this incredible skywalk that is located in Jasper National Park. You can bring your families along with you when you are visiting this incredible skywalk. They will be interested and excited about beautiful wildlife and interesting views around this skywalk. This place is closed to the public during the Winter season because it is totally dangerous to stay around the Icefields during the winter season.

The ticket for entering Jasper National Park Glacier Skywalk costs about $36 for adults, $18 for children, and free for kids under 5 years old. Starting from 2020, the company behind this skywalk (Pursuit) has already been updating its pricing system. If you are visiting this place on the long weekend, the tickets will be more expensive than you are going to pay for the tickets if you visit in the middle of the week. It is very easy for you to get access to this skywalk. It is located halfway along Highway 93 North or Icefields Parkway. It is located in between Jasper and Lake Louise.